Brand in Use

Find the right balance while using the brand elements. Our visual expression walks on a spectrum from a functional to an expressive approach from color to graphics. Is the goal to inspire action? Or to explain a concept? We should guide them through the way we communicate.



Functional language is the means to be helpful — to organize the communication strategy. Our main goal is to make our audience understand the rationale, helping them realize how we could meet their needs.

Clear decisions.

Text and visuals are there to support the understanding of the content.

Shows ​​what needs to be communicated.


We express ourselves passionately when we have a bold message to tell. It is time to be noticed and communicate in a fresh, relevant, and exciting way through strong messages and fantastic visuals that will differentiate VTEX from competitors.



The image doesn't need to be attached with the content.

Look for the balance

Relatable & Trustworthy

What should my piece sound and look like at the end of the day? Aim to balance relatable and trustworthy communication

We still need to be seen as masters in what we deliver, experts in technology and commerce. Our customers will always trust our messaging. But aligned to that, we believe that everything becomes more manageable when we create a bond with our audience — placing our offer regarding their needs, bringing an optimistic and joyful approach to our communication strategy.